Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus, please heal my mother's cancer, diabetes, ms, bladder infections, and my sister's lung trouble and their illnesses and injuries, do the same for all of us and lead us God by your Holy Spirit and fill, anoint, baptize us with your Holy Spirit always, God let us all overcome all the temptations of satan, and God destroy all of satan's plots,pits, plans of evil that are against us so we are always safe from this and all evil of satan,any flesh or spirit, God let us live by obeying and hearing, every word of God, God let us not tempt you by rebellious or any overmuch sinning, God let us worship and obey you only Christ all the way to heaven and let us serve only God continuall all our lives for heaven. Christ let depart from all evil and sin and come dwelt in God as our protecting and providing refuge all our eternal lives so we and our families have all we need, God give this to my mother, sisters, future wife, children,friends, coworkers, enemies and for all people and their mates in Christ and all such, God keep us safe, protected and provided for all the way to and for heaven, all this for mom and my sister's healings and for all our healings thusly, thank you God in Christ's name amen and heal Lori's back troubles, Larry's heart troubles, all of us our illnesses and injuries thusly, amen.