prior's message

Christ is risen, alleluia!
He is truly risen, alleluia!

The message of the angels in tomb is quite clear: He is not here! He is risen! If he is not here in his body in the tomb, then where is he? Where should the women find Jesus? The angel tells them, “Remember what he told you.” And then the angels recount what Jesus told them about being handed over, crucified and risen. Only then did they remember his words.

The risen Jesus can be found. He is found in our remembering his words, his life, the whole of it. Jesus lives in his word. His word is transformative; it is full of energy and gives hope. When our lives are based on his word, when our actions are shaped by his word and his actions, then he lives and the resurrection is now. The women allowed the words of Jesus to interpret and give meaning to what they could not understand that morning in the tomb. But we are called to remember and let Jesus’ words and his life interpret and give meaning to our lives as well, and that includes the darkest moments, the tomb-like moments in our lives when all seems at a dead end.

Easter means fine-tuning our memories that God has indeed had the last word and it is not empty or void but brings new life. Christ is indeed risen!

~Fr. Joel Macul, OSB