Poor Souls - New Church in Mvimwa

Poor Souls - New Church in Mvimwa

 Construction Begins! - Mvimwa

Construction Begins! - Mvimwa

prior's message

November begins with the twin celebrations of All Saints and All Souls. They look like opposite ends of some spectrum but in reality they share much in common. They are both about crowds, about the masses, multitudes beyond counting–All is the key word. We are about community and communion these days. We acknowledge that we are in solidarity with those who have gone before us. On one day, we acknowledge the community that is gathered around the throne, those who are bathed in the light. These we acknowledge as victorious. The day is victory day for all whom we believe and know to have been faithful to new life in Christ.

The next day we are in communion with those whose journey we know to be still in process but whose path is nevertheless straight. Here we are in communion with those who placed their hope in the resurrection. For them we pray that the perpetual light of the saints soon shine on them.

These days are about the communion of saints. Our church, our communion in Christ, embraces those we see now and those we do not see. We stand firm that our life in Christ is eternal; death does not break that thread of life with which we were washed at baptism and nourished at the Eucharist. It is the risen Jesus and our relationship to him that is in the fore both these days, one day as victory and one day as hope. On the first day, we are invited to hear the concerns of the saints for us, their prayer for us, their call for us to take heart. On the second day, we are doing the same for those we know have gone before us. We are remembering them before God; we are articulating the faith they professed and the love that shone in their lives. For the most part, their memory still burns within us.

What we are about these days is acknowledging holiness. It is not the privilege of a few; it is the call and hope of All. No one is left out of growth into the new life offered us in Christ. It is the word “happy” or “blessed” that marks these days. Those faithful to God and his word, living a life of self-sacrifice, will attain a measure of true happiness. It is that promise that lifts our spirits these days.

~Fr. Joel Macul, OSB

Prayer Times:


Vigils & Lauds - 6:35 am
Holy Eucharist - 8:30 am
Noon Prayer - 12:00 pm
Vespers - 5:00 pm
Compline - 7:00 pm


Vigils & Lauds - 6:00 am
Holy Eucharist - 11:15 am
Tuesday & Thursday - 5:30 pm
Noon Prayer - 12:00 pm
Vespers - 6:00 pm
Compline - 7:15 pm

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