Thank-you from Ndanda Abbey - Tanzania

Thank-you from Ndanda Abbey - Tanzania

prior's message

Christ is risen, alleluia! He is truly risen, alleluia! This Easter greeting sets the tone for these Easter Days. It is at once a proclamation of victory over death and at the same time a revelation of God’s faithful love of his Son by lifting him up out of the shadow of death. The victory over sin and death is deeply personal and deeply human; our God has invested himself in the course of the human story and radically altered it.  With the resurrection of Jesus, hope has dawned for humanity, and not a vague hope but a concrete hope that our lives can change in the here and now. Christ risen is proclaimed in all the hidden corners of our lives that need hope and mercy to transform them. It is proclaimed in the corners of our society and created world that might despair of the violence that befalls them. Christ is risen and the promise of a new world and a new humanity takes root. Yes, it will take all of fifty days for that message to sink in and transform our hearts and ways of thinking.

–  Fr. Joel Macul, O.S.B  –

Prayer Times:


Vigils & Lauds - 6:35 am
Holy Eucharist - 8:30 am
Noon Prayer - 12:00 pm
Vespers - 5:00 pm
Compline - 7:00 pm


Vigils & Lauds - 6:00 am
Holy Eucharist - 11:15 am
Tuesday & Thursday - 5:30 pm
Noon Prayer - 12:00 pm
Vespers - 6:00 pm
Compline - 7:15 pm

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