Poor Souls Appeal - Ndanda Referral Hospital

Poor Souls Appeal - Ndanda Referral Hospital

Project Update: Seoul, South Korea

Project Update: Seoul, South Korea

prior's message

If you were to ask a Benedictine monastic what the great commandment is, you might be surprised at the answer. Most likely he or she would respond “Listening.” Of course, they would be giving you the first word of Benedict’s Rule. But beyond that we can hear Jesus’ own admonition: “Whoever has ears ought to hear” (Mt 13:9, 43). Then there are the words of the Psalmist: “Oh that today you would hear his voice” (Ps 95:7b). But then there is the great surprise: “Hear, O Israel,” the great Shema. This is the beginning of what we know as the Great Commandment of love.

The wisdom in all this is that any response to God, to my neighbor, to my fellow human being begins with listening. Hearing, listening and understanding, these are the beginnings of a relationship to God and neighbor. The human journey in the spirit begins by being attuned to the word of another. For us the key Word is that of God and his Son. They have spoken and are speaking. It is the Spirit who brings the Word to our ears in our time. Attentiveness to the Word is our task. Keeping an ear bent to the promptings of God in his Word, listening to the Words of his Son and hearing in them Good News, straining to hear above the noise of the surrounding world takes discipline and a willingness to be led by the Word.

Listening moves us away from being centered on ourselves and in the direction of the Other. Active listening opens one up to the living Word of God and to the human word of those around us. Listening attentively with an open ear is in fact the beginning of love. I can hear and accept another for who they are, whether God or neighbor. Listening is what the heavenly Father asks of us, and maybe, just maybe, that is the great thing he asks of us: “Listen to him!”

~Fr. Joel Macul, OSB

Prayer Times:


Vigils & Lauds - 6:35 am
Holy Eucharist - 8:30 am
Noon Prayer - 12:00 pm
Vespers - 5:00 pm
Compline - 7:00 pm


Vigils & Lauds - 6:00 am
Holy Eucharist - 11:15 am
Tuesday & Thursday - 5:30 pm
Noon Prayer - 12:00 pm
Vespers - 6:00 pm
Compline - 7:15 pm

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