Poor Souls - New Church in Mvimwa

Poor Souls - New Church in Mvimwa

 Joyful Update from Digos, Philippines!

Joyful Update from Digos, Philippines!

prior's message

During this growing and harvesting season, we often hear proclaimed Jesus’ parables about the sower and seed. It seems to fit in well with our experience, whether it is a large farm or a kitchen garden in the backyard. When we first hear the parable, the seed is clearly “the Word,” the message uttered by God and addressed to each person. It is God’s Word. He does the sowing, ours is the response. While it looks like most of the seed is wasted and God’s word is perhaps ineffective, the parable assures us God’s word will be effective. Something will happen when God speaks and there will be a harvest. Consolation when all looks lost!

When Matthew retells the parable, the seed becomes identified with the recipient, you and I who hear the word. We are the seed sown by God into the various human situations in which we live and work (rocks, thorns, shallow soil). We have the opportunity and challenge to be God’s seed wherever life finds us. We can look to our gardens to see what has become of the seeds we sowed earlier. Is anything growing? We can also look at the garden of our lives and see if we are growing well and bearing fruit. We are part of God’s garden. He, like us, is waiting for a good harvest.

–  Fr. Joel Macul, O.S.B  –

Prayer Times:


Vigils & Lauds - 6:35 am
Holy Eucharist - 8:30 am
Noon Prayer - 12:00 pm
Vespers - 5:00 pm
Compline - 7:00 pm


Vigils & Lauds - 6:00 am
Holy Eucharist - 11:15 am
Tuesday & Thursday - 5:30 pm
Noon Prayer - 12:00 pm
Vespers - 6:00 pm
Compline - 7:15 pm

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