St. Benedict Statue

We welcome all to come visit us at Christ the King Priory and St. Benedict Center.

Saint Benedict Center is a masterpiece of modern architecture. The Center's museum, which highlights the work of Missionary Benedictines worldwide, and commons areas feature a large Madonna collection with statues from the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Visitors can explore and appreciate unique artwork from many countries around the world, especially Tanzania, South Africa, Korea, China, the Philippines, and Peru.

The Center is open year round, except for public holidays and for a period around Christmas.  Tours for groups are arranged by appointment only.  Adult groups are $2 per adult. Youth groups and children are free. Most days, lunch is available for an additional fee.

Praying with the Arts

Come see all of the beautiful artwork decorated throughout St. Benedict Center.  Take a virtual tour of the artwork or schedule a tour of the entire Center with us today.

While you are visiting the Center, take a tour with your smartphone (be sure to tap the dot in the bottom right corner to see the accompanying text).