Have Holy Mass celebrated in honor of your loved one

The Church considers the celebration of Holy Mass as the greatest possible prayer of intercession because it is the perfect offering of Christ to the Father by making present the Paschal Mystery of HIS death and resurrection.


The faithful requesting the celebration of a Holy Mass are encouraged to give an offering (stipend) according to the stipulation in their diocese or parish. The minimum stipend should be at least $10.00. The stipend assists a missionary in his work and outreach ministry. Thank you!

Requesting a Mass to be Offered

It is the teaching and belief of the Church that from the celebration of Holy Mass we obtain the graces and strength needed for the journey through life. A Holy Mass can be celebrated in a variety of intentions, for our own well-being and needs, and especially for deceased loved ones. The person requesting the Holy Mass does not need to be physically present but is urged to unite in prayer.

The Mission Office gladly assists with arrangements for the celebration of Holy Masses. Most stipends and intentions are forwarded to our missionaries, primarily in Africa, but also to priests in Asia. We cannot guarantee that a Holy Mass is offered on a specific date since we do not know if a priest already has another commitment for that day. There is no limit on the number of Masses that a person can request. Be assured that all Holy Masses requested will be offered individually and at the earliest convenience of the celebrant.

Gregorian Masses

A series of thirty Holy Masses celebrated on thirty consecutive days, pastoral circumstances permitting, can be arranged for the repose of the soul of a departed loved one. The minimum stipend is $400.00. We cannot give a starting date for the series since a missionary priest takes on the obligation to offer these Masses according to his earliest convenience. Pope St. Gregory the Great (590 to 604) writes in his “Dialogues” that thirty Holy Masses were celebrated for a deceased monk who then appeared to his brother and told him that he was released from purgatory. Celebrating “Gregorian Masses” is a pious practice in the Catholic Church and is by no means founded on any dogma of the Church.