Missionary Benedictine Brother Sebastian Goldade began his ministry making vestments 50 years ago at the Blue Cloud Abbey in northeast South Dakota. Age and circumstance have reduced his output from hundreds of handmade stoles, albs, chasubles, dalmatics and copes each year to several dozens of such items annually. Brother Goldade was introduced to tailoring by the late Benedictine Brother Thomas Roznowski.

+ About Bro. Sebastian Goldade

The son of a railroad worker in Aberdeen, S.D., Brother Goldade was accustomed to hard labor but had an interest in the arts. He studied at a seminary for one year, decided it wasn’t for him and joined the Benedictine order in formation as a brother when he was 16. He received his high school diploma while studying at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minn., and took college courses in painting, sculpture and ceramics in Minnesota and New Mexico.

The late Benedictine Brother Thomas Roznowski introduced him to tailoring, and even as Brother Goldade explored weaving, jewelry-making and other interests, he gradually learned how to make liturgical vestments, altar and lectern cloths, church banners and other items.

I think I’ve always been drawn to the arts, but whether I would have had the opportunity (outside of the monastery) that I have now, I don’t know. God uses ordinary things. It’s a craft. It’s artistic. It’s a talent you can be proud of.
— Brother Sebastian Goldade

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