Christmas Appeal


The monks of Christ the King Priory – Benedictine Mission House extend good wishes to all people of good will near and far, and especially to all who read this message.

With Thanksgiving Day observed, the focus quickly shifts to the celebration of Christmas. For many people this can be a stressful time with so many obligations, preparations for family gatherings, shopping for the perfect gift for loved ones, taking part in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.


At this time of the year we also focus on the needs of people around us served by parishes, charities or civic organizations. Social Media points to “Giving Tuesday” as a tool to raise funds to help with outreach programs.

Let me take this opportunity thanking the many friends of the Missionary Benedictines for their prayerful and financial support throughout the year. You have empowered us to assist our monasteries around the globe in their ministries of education and outreach to the sick, especially at locations that sponsor schools and hospitals. Scholarships could be provided for students whose families cannot afford the minimum school fees. Our schools and hospitals depend on financial subsidies coming from the mission offices in Europe and America.

In 2018 our office assisted with three major projects in Tanzania thanks to the generosity of our friends:

  • the new foundation in Mozambique spearheaded by the monks of Ndanda Abbey;

  • the clean water project in the Peramiho region with the installation of an underground water tank;

  • the church for Holy Spirit Abbey in Mvimwa: a place for the daily celebration of the monastic work of God: the Liturgy of the Hours and the Holy Eucharist for our growing community and the faithful of the surrounding area.

In addition to the above mentioned projects, you made it possible that we could respond to emergencies and many requests and thus continue our ministry of bringing Christ’s light to those we encounter. We are guided by the motto of the Missionary Benedictine Congregation of St. Ottilien: “Lumen Caecis” – “Light to the Blind.” We are committed to continue this journey, being messengers of Christ’s peace and love in a world so often overshadowed by hatred and violence. We continue with the witness of our calling to be HIS followers. Donations received throughout the Christmas Season will help with the needs of our monasteries in Africa and Asia. In thanksgiving we will include your needs and intentions especially in the celebration of a Nine Day Novena of Holy Masses from January 1st through 9th.


We monks extend to you best wishes for a joyous celebration of the Christmas Season and we pray that each and every day of the Year 2019 will be filled with HIS graces. Challenges are part of the journey but in the knowledge that the Newborn Christ will accompany us let us move forward.


For the community of Christ the King Priory:
Bro. Tobias, O.S.B.