Sacred Heart Appeal

Thank you for visiting the webpages of the Missionary Benedictines of Christ the King Priory in Schuyler, NE, and for checking out the “current appeal.”

Early on in the history of the Missionary Benedictines the young group of missionaries was entrusted by its superiors to the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart is therefore a principal feast for us Missionary Benedictines and will be celebrated this year on June 8th. We invite you to let us know your intentions and we promise to remember you at Holy Mass that day but also throughout the month of June, dedicated to the Sacred Heart.


For 132 years already we are dedicated of bringing the “Light of Christ” and the “Love of Jesus” to the people we encounter, especially wherever we Missionary Benedictines are represented.

A major aspect of our ministries, then and today, was and is EDUCATION. The “preached word” of Sacred Scripture needs to be deeply rooted so that it can bear fruit in generations to come. Our first missionaries focused on the basic needs of the people by teaching them how to improve farming methods and animal husbandry, home economics, etc. Another important step is, and was, taking care of the sick and teaching them how to avoid spreading diseases. Soon missionaries realized that clean water is essential. Wells were developed wherever an opportunity arose. This is an ongoing project. Missionary work has seen many changes since we started out in East Africa in 1886. Teaching basic skills to better the life of people has taken many shapes as is evident in the schools that we sponsor and the vocational training centers attached to our major monasteries.

Teaching and giving witness of our calling as Christians and Benedictine monks  goes hand in hand!

 Education has a price! You are aware of the cost of tuition to send a child to a school of your choice, to college or university even if scholarships ease the burden. Paying back student loans can drain the budget of a family or individual for years.


We Benedictines are involved in education on various levels: from kindergarten to college, trade schools, universities, seminary training and continuing education. We try to make education affordable for all, especially in Africa! However, financial resources are needed in order to offer scholarships, to pay fair wages to teachers and aides, to provide teaching materials, and so on. Preparing young people for the reality of today’s world, the use of technology is essential. We strive to provide computer labs and modern equipment for our trade schools and our teaching hospitals.

When I think of our missionaries as teachers, Fr. Damian Milliken, O.S.B. comes to mind. A native of Elmira, NY, he joined St. Paul’s Abbey in Newton, NJ. For over 50 years he has worked tirelessly in the ministry of education. At Mazinde Juu, Tanzania, he opened the first high school for girls which has a very good reputation and which has “produced” many dedicated teachers and school administrators from among its graduates. – Similar stories can be told of other missionaries.

May I be bold enough and invite you to make a donation in support of education?

We will forward all online donations to Fr. Damian so that through education young women will be empowered to have a better future in life, be it as homemakers, mothers or in the workforce in whatever occupation they choose as their vocation.  

Gifts received through the mail will be assigned to one of our major mission centers in Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, South Africa, Togo or Philippines to meet the needs of our schools.

In Christ’s love for all of God’s children:


                                                                        Bro. Tobias, O.S.B.
                                                                        Director of Development