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Life Giving Water

 Water is a basic need for all human life, but also for animals, fields and gardens. In Africa, constructing water reservoirs has been a top priority of our missionaries from the beginning, especially cisterns collecting rain water. Once natural springs were discovered and tapped, water supply was not only for the well-being of missionaries, but also for the people of the region.

When I visited Tanzania in 1986, I observed women and young girls carrying buckets of water on their head without spilling a drop. The distance from the water source to their home could be from a few yards to a mile or even more. Women made the trip several times each day, depending on the need of water for their household.

Focus on Peramiho, Tanzania


Peramiho Abbey in Tanzania is a small village with a high population! It is the home of two monasteries of Missionary Benedictines, monks and sisters. Both communities cooperate in ministries to the people of God, especially in education and health care. They operate schools with hostels for students.

The Peramiho Regional Medical Center is sponsored by the Abbey. The outpatient clinic attached to the hospital serves a multitude of patients each day. The workshops of the abbey and a vocational training center prepare young people to become responsible adults and professionals in the trade they learn. The Major Seminary for the dioceses of southern Tanzania is also located on campus. Needless to say, the “village” also provides housing for the employees and families of the Benedictine institutions and other people who call Peramiho their home.

   Entrance to Peramiho Hospital

  Entrance to Peramiho Hospital

Fr. Anastasius, the present Mission Procurator of our Congregation and former abbot of Peramiho, provided me with information concerning a much needed underground water tank, while Br. Dr. Ansgar, former Mission Procurator and Doctor in Charge of Peramiho Hospital, pointed out that clean water is a major issue and concern for the health of the many people in the region. Clean water helps in preventing the spread of disease.

Action Plan for Improving Water Supply at Peramiho

The Abbey plans to install an underground water tank of 36.5 x 24.5 x 2.8 meters. Its capacity is 2,094 cubic meters, the equivalent of two million liters of water (approx. 500,000 gallons). A construction company provided an estimate of TSh 459,224,850 which equals $201,835.00. Part of the labor will be provided by the various workshops of the Abbey, e.g. framing the proposed water tank in preparation for pouring the concrete and the necessary excavation of the ground.

Br. Edmund Kimario, O.S.B., project manager for the monastery, writes: “The aim of this tank is to eliminate the problem of lack of sufficient water supply during the dry season from August through December. We have two sources with wells located at Lilambo and Likuyu. These provide plenty of water from January to August.”

“Water from this tank will be distributed by existing pipelines for the use of the Peramiho Hospital, schools, staff houses, the two monasteries, and villages close to campus. The population in the area, and in Tanzania in general, is on the increase.”

A Plea for Financial Assistance

Peramiho Abbey has implemented sustainable energy through solar power. The hospital and schools provide affordable care and education thanks to the generosity of friends of the Missionary Benedictines in Europe and the United States. The construction of the needed water tank however creates a huge deficit in the budget of Peramiho Abbey.

I am confident that you and many “followers” of the website and social media pages will be moved and come to the aid of the Benedictine communities and the people of Peramiho.

Thank you – Asante Sana – God bless you for your generosity!

Annual Nine Day Novena of Holy Masses – August 6th through August 15th, 2018


The monks of Christ the King Priory – Benedictine Mission House will again offer a Novena of Holy Masses for the intentions of our friends and benefactors, continuing the promise of our pioneer monks made in 1935 when they settled here in Schuyler. Please let us know your intentions so that we can include these in prayer and celebration of Holy Mass, especially during the days of the Novena.

May God shower HIS abundant blessings upon you and may you experience the loving protection of our heavenly Mother Mary.

Gratefully yours:
Bro. Tobias, O.S.B.