Lent Appeal

Thank you for checking out the current appeal!

 The mission continues:

Several years ago the monks of Ndanda Abbey in Tanzania made the decision to reach out beyond its borders and to establish monastic life in neighboring Mozambique. At the time of its independence in 1975 the country experienced a bitter civil war for about 20 years. A peace treaty between the warring factions was signed in mid 1990s and the country started a life with hope for a brighter future.


As a result of war and extreme Marxist ideology, the Christian faith declined rapidly. Church structures, hospitals, schools and kindergartens associated with the Church were bombed and almost totally destroyed or nationalized. Priests were “allowed” to work in secular jobs during the week and could only secretly minister to the faithful. The northern part of Mozambique which borders Tanzania was particularly badly affected by the civil war. The damage which befell the Church is clearly to be seen in the social-economic life of the people: poverty is widespread and basic human needs like water, medical care and educational possibilities are very limited.

Ndanda Abbey, with the help of many generous friends, has been able to build up a solid monastic and vibrant faith community. During the last two decades Ndanda Abbey has been blessed with growth and stability. Listening to God’s call “to go and preach the gospel” the decision was reached to establish a new community in neighboring Mozambique in the region of Awasse, situated about 35 km east of the coastal town of Mocimboa de Praia. It is the aim of the monks of Ndanda to work together with the local civil and church leaders in addressing the spiritual/pastoral and social challenges which the people face.

All the preparation work for the establishment of a monastery has been done:

  • four confreres, two priests and two brothers, have learned the Portuguese language and are already engaged in pastoral work;
  • a piece of land has been secured; water drilling has been done and the water tower is being erected as of this writing; electricity is available and secure.
  • A small structure is presently planned to house the first group of monks. Once this has been accomplished plans for missionary and pastoral work will be further developed.

Ndanda Abbey is committed to provide the personnel. Fr. Christian Temu of Ndanda writes: “We have the energy and determination. We know we are in a position to found and run this mission. However, living in a country with economic limitations, we are too aware of our own financial limits. This, however, does not set us back, as we know that we are not alone. Actually we are stronger than we are. We stand taller than we are. And this is because of you! Thank you for lending us a hand so generously in realizing this new mission in Mozambique.”

Powerful words indeed, filled with hope!

As a “notorious beggar” in support of our missionary activities I have the confidence that our  many friends will embrace this project as their financial Lenten sacrifice in preparation for  the great celebration of Holy Easter.

Please assist our confreres in Ndanda with your prayer and financial help so that the new monastery in Mozambique will become a reality. All donations that you earmark for this project will be sent 100% to Africa.

We monks remember you and your intentions – God knows them all – in our prayers and at Holy Mass. Together let us commemorate the mysteries of the Passion and Death of our Lord and then look forward to HIS Resurrection, celebrating Easter with great joy and gratefulness. 

Bro. Tobias, OSB