Sacred Heart Appeal

"Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. . . For my yoke is easy and my burden light."

Matthew 11:28-30

The monks of Christ the King Priory extend prayerful good wishes and greetings and thank you for visiting our web pages.  

The month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The founder of the Missionary Benedictine Congregation of St. Ottilien, Fr. Andreas Amrhein, O.S.B., entrusted the young community of missionaries already in 1884 to the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Wherever we are represented we strive to bring the love of Jesus to the people we encounter.

We are aware of the needs of many brothers and sisters whom we encounter, be it at home or in countries wherever we are represented. Today let me shift the focus on China, a vast country with a rich history and where we Benedictines have been represented from 1922 to 1949. Since 2001, with permission of the local authorities, we minister again among the Chinese people.

Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Church

Christians and China:

There are 1.3 billion women and men waiting to hear the good news. This is the number of citizens of the People’s Republic of China who have not yet heard of the gospel and its content. Only 20 million Chinese are Catholics. They live in small communities and try to be faithful to our Church.

From the outside China is seen as a super power. Even a country as mighty as the United States of America feels challenged by this country with its ancient culture and huge population. Yet many people in China are very poor. Life is challenging! Unfortunately, many of our fellow Catholics belong to the poor and marginalized. They do not receive help from government agencies or an insurance system. They depend on the solidarity of their fellow Christians in more affluent countries.

We Benedictines work silently and without drawing much attention to ourselves in remote parts of China. We try to help our fellow Catholics so that they can live their faith and overcome the problems of daily life.

  Holy Cross Monastery and Home for the Elderly

  Holy Cross Monastery and Home for the Elderly

We do not want to cause trouble. Chinese Society wants peace and harmony among themselves. Therefore Christians make every effort to be good citizens as well. China with its communist past has lost many old values. Society and especially many young people are looking for values and ethical principles. We Benedictines contribute to the Christian sense of solidarity and love. No one can ignore China! If these people understand our values and we accept them as members of the world community, we all contribute towards peace in the world.

Our presence in China is made up of a very small community taking care of a parish, ministering to the elderly and reaching out to the younger generation. We also sponsor Chinese priests and religious who need to take a break from active ministry for a time of sabbatical so that their spiritual and physical health can be restored. Believing in the power of the mustard seed enables us to remain in the country living the Christian way of life. This is a huge challenge.

Mother's Day Mass at Holy Cross Parish

Mother's Day Mass at Holy Cross Parish

The Christian community has learned what it means to support the life of the Church. The poor give from the little they have to keep up the parish and the home for the elderly which we helped to establish several years ago. However, the financial means of the local Christians are limited. Will they find friends elsewhere to help them?

Will you be one of our faithful partners?

I pray that you will not ignore this message. It is important that we protect the identity of the Christian community where our monks are working. Our work is approved by the religious leaders and local government agencies as long as we obey strict rules and regulations. We have established safe connections so that all financial help will reach the poor and our Benedictine community.

Our promise:

100% of all donations in response to this appeal will be transferred to our community in China. All operating expenses are paid by Christ the King Priory from gain on prior investments. No expenses are deducted from your donation. This has been our policy for over 10 years and we are committed to abide by this.

God’s choicest blessing for each day to come! THANK YOU for reaching out to us so that we can help our Chinese brothers and sisters, thus helping the proverbial “little mustard seed” to germinate, mature and to bear fruit for the Church in China.

Gratefully yours:

Bro. Tobias, OSB
and Community