Poor Souls Appeal - Ndanda Referral Hospital

Dear friends,

Thank you for your interest in our work and ministries. In March 2019, at the meeting of the mission procurators of our Congregation, I accepted to share with our friends the following information

Focus: St. Benedict Ndanda Referral Hospital

This facility serves as intake hospital for the southern region of Tanzania, accepting patients from clinics, dispensaries and small government run facilities. Recently the phrase from the Collect of the Votive Mass for the Sanctification of Human Labor caught my attention: “…grant that all men and women may find work that befits their dignity, joins them more closely to one another and enables them to serve their neighbor.”

St. Benedict Ndanda Referral Hospital

St. Benedict Ndanda Referral Hospital

This certainly is evident at St. Benedict Hospital in Ndanda with its long history of caring for the sick regardless of religious affiliation or social status. Already the first Missionary Benedictine monks and sisters focused on helping the sick, educating the young, and by their mere presence gave witness to the Gospel message of Jesus which speaks of human dignity and knows no boundaries between ethnic groups and nationalities. Jesus went about proclaiming the good news, healing the sick and consoling the grief-stricken, gathering the children, etc.

I see similarities happening at Saint Benedict Referral Hospital in Ndanda just by reading through the application pages for financial aid addressed to the members of the Conference of Mission Procurators. In order that the healing ministry of Jesus can continue major renovation of the buildings and   new construction has to take place.

The project is divided into several phases:

·         Construction of Baby Intensive Care Unit with Dialysis Center

·         Renovation of Emergency and Outpatient Departments

·         Construction of Private Ward and upgrade of existing wards to meet today’s standards

Connected to the hospital is also a School of Nursing. A great team works together diligently, keeping the well-being of their patients in mind. Bro. Jesaja Sienz, O.S.B. (a medical doctor and German missionary from St. Ottilien) and three Tanzanian confreres from Ndanda Abbey, one of whom is also a medical doctor, guarantee the religious presence.  


Br. Jesaja assured the members of the Conference of Mission Procurators that partial funding has been secured from organizations in Europe for the Intensive Care Unit and needed equipment. The total amount for all the projects listed above comes to $463,900.00. Our European mission offices and other organizations have already contributed $340,860.00.

The oldest building, erected   in 1927, will house a diagnostic center once all the renovation is completed. Most important at this time are funds for the renovation of the wards. Rooms are crowded with beds and patients. It is common that 20 or more share one room. In recent years the living standard of the Tanzanian population has risen and with it the expectation for more modern hospital accommodations. It is the hope of our confreres that a small “private ward” with self-contained units will help with operational income so that subsidies can be reduced.

The overall plans presented to the Conference of Mission Procurators are realistic as medical experts have attested. We procurators believe that the needed funds can be raised with the help of people of generous hearts.

Now the beggar in me again knocks at the door of your heart!

Please help us financially as best as you can with upgrading the wards and adding private rooms for patients who can afford to pay, or for one reason or another need more privacy during their hospital stay. Every dollar will help to reach the projected amount of $125,000 for this major undertaking. God bless you for your anticipated help!

Remembering our departed loved ones!

During November, we will again celebrate the daily Holy Mass for the deceased family members, loved ones, friends and acquaintances of our benefactors. I invite you to honor a departed loved one with a donation towards St. Benedict Referral Hospital Ndanda. Your gift will help the healing ministry of Jesus continue even today through our healthcare providers in Tanzania.

Thank you for being part of our Benedictine family and for reaching out to us so that we can help our confreres in Ndanda with the major renovation and upgrade of their hospital. Be assured that your personal intentions are also included in our prayers as well as in the prayers of our confreres in Ndanda and the patients who will benefit from your generosity.

Gratefully yours,

Bro. Tobias, OSB

Br. Jesaja visiting a mother and child

Br. Jesaja visiting a mother and child

Mothers at Neonatal Unit

Mothers at Neonatal Unit