List of projects financed by the Procurators’ Conference of the Congregation of St. Ottilien:



Continuous Support for the study Houses

Agbang: Chicken Stable

Agbang: Tailoring workshop

Inkamana: Formation Program

Tororo: Eye Clinic

Tororo: Paving the site in front of the monastery

Hanga: Trade School

Hanga: Infirmery

Peramiho: Welfare Hostel

Peramiho: Solar Power Station

Peramiho: Renovation of Mbinga Mharule Parish

Tigoni: Expansion of the Tea Plantation

Hanga: Machine for Carpentry

Katibunga: Workshops



Continuous Support for the Study Houses

Scholarships for single monks

Mvimwa: Chemchem Secondari School

Tororo: Renovation of round houses

Old Peoples Home China

Inkamana: Tractor

Tigoni: Kindergarten Mathare Valley

Agbang: Chicken Stable



Continuous Support for the Study Houses

Scholarships for single monks

Agbang: Church Construction

Peramiho: Computers for the Trade School

Tororo: Tree Plantation

Hanga: Dining Hall for the Trade School

Kumily: Minibus for the orphanage

Hanga: Toyota Land Cruiser

Hanga: Medicine for the health Centre

El Rosal: Construction of Public Toilet

Katibunga: Tractor

Katibunga: Staff Houses

Katibunga: Construction of a Dispensary

Katibunga: Books for noviciate

Mbeya: Renovation and Construction of stalls



Continuous Support of the study houses

Scholarships to single monks

Peramiho: Guest Dining Hall

Mvimwa: Tractor

Mvimwa: Hostel for Chemchem Secondary School

Mvimwa: Solar Pump for Chemchem Sec School

Mvimwa: AIDS Programm

Mvimwa: Cow herd

Hanga: Support of the Carpentry

Hanga: support of the School

Hanga: Support of medicine

Hanga: Support for cleaning the water dam

Hanga: Support for the Health Centre theatre

Hanga: Tools for the metal workshop

Tororo: Renovation of the Achilett Parish

Tororo: Renovation of the remaining round houses

Ndanda Abbey: Lorrey for Mozambique

Langata: Construction of a wall

Nanyuki: Construction of a church

Tigoni: Repair of the water pump

Novice Masters workshop in Waegwan

El Rosal: Security System

New foundation in Egypt

Inkamana: Renovation of the guest refectory


From 2012 to 2015 we purchased and financed:

2 Buses

21 Cars