Born:  1948
Professed:  Sept. 30, 1968
Hometown:  Karlsruhe, Germany
Monastery Work:  Director of Development, Mission Procurator, Liturgist 

In the course of over 40 years as a member of Christ the King Priory, I have seen many changes. Certainly, one I will never forget was the move in 1979 from 320 West 10th Street in Schuyler to the present location four miles north of town.  With gratitude I remember our pioneer monks, Br. Felix and Br. Egbert, and all the other community members who helped me transition from the original assignment as cook and housekeeper, a job I only know as “substitute,” to the work in the mission office. Fundraising is a ministry which I like to call “friend raising.” Asking for financial support for projects is not always easy. In Br. Alphonse, with whom I worked from 1974 until his death in 1994, I had a great teacher who shared his knowledge and wisdom with me which I continue in this important work. The Conference of Mission Procurators of our Congregation coordinates this outreach ministry. My responsibilities in the mission office working with a team of dedicated coworkers, was expanded in 2014 when I was given the responsibilities as Mission Procurator for Christ the King Priory. This includes distribution of funds as designated by the donors and responding to the requests from our confreres in Africa, Asia and South America. The Mission Procurator, by virtue of his office, is part of the administrative team of Christ the King Priory.

The liturgist for the monastery prepares the weekly liturgical calendar and schedules the hymns for worship. I also serve as cantor for the daily celebration of the Divine Office – Liturgy of the Hours – and Holy Eucharist. 

In 2014, I received a Certificate in Spiritual Direction Formation through Sacred Heart Monastery – Mount Marty College in Yankton, SD. I value the ministry of spiritual direction as a blessing for me personally and my vocation as a Benedictine monk and in my outreach to those I am privileged to accompany on their spiritual journey.  

What was the most important event in your life?

There are so many that could be considered the most important one. I believe that the day early on in my life could be considered for this when I knew that I want to be a monk and missionary. I cannot pinpoint a date or place to this but the idea never left me. And yes, I responded to this call when I took my first vows as a Benedictine monk on September 30, 1968. Fifty short years later this event was observed at the Abbey of Muensterschwarzach with members of my family present; then on the actual date – a Sunday – during Mass at the Priory it really hit me during the recessional hymn: “Now thank we all our God…” A third celebration to mark my birthday and jubilee of profession united community, friends and coworkers in a wonderful celebration. Yes, the day of monastic profession is the important event which shaped me and challenges me each and every day, and not only on jubilees, to stay connected to the values of Benedictine monasticism of “Prayer, Community, Work.”
— Bro. Tobias

What worries you?

As a born optimist I should have no worries. However, as I look around I see the reality of life: there is hatred, violence; unrest… the list goes on. The number of young people responding to the invitation to the religious life has decreased significantly. However, I refuse to give up hope.
I pray that peace and social justice will be embraced by society; that the signs of accountability for serious mistakes and failures in society and Church will be addressed in fairness and, guided by Christ’s compassion, help to bring about a transformation so that all can live in peace, harmony and unity: children of God and brothers and sisters in Christ.
— Bro. Tobias

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