+ Why is an endowment fund needed for the St. Benedict Center?

During the years since its dedication on July 11, 1997, the Saint Benedict Center has quickly become an important regional, ecumenical retreat and conference center — ministering to the personal and spiritual needs of thousands annually. Yet, even with this tremendous growth and the fees that are asked of both individual guests and groups, the Center has been unable to completely support itself financially. Therefore, each month the Missionary Benedictines of Christ the King Priory subsidize the retreat center's budget. Earnings from an endowment fund would provide financial independence for the Saint Benedict Center.

+ What is the campaign's goal?

After careful long-range planning, we have launched this fund drive with the goal to permanently endow the day-to-day operations of the retreat center. Every dollar of your gift will be invested in a permanent endowment for the operational support of St. Benedict Center. In memory of Father Herman, former superior of Christ the King Priory, the fund was named the Fr. Herman Memorial Endowment Fund. Our short-term goal is to raise $500,000 in two-year pledges and within five years we hope that the fund will reach an overall goal of several million dollars.

+ How does an endowment fund work?

The principal of the endowment fund will never be spent. It will be carefully invested in order to provide an annual income that will be disbursed to the operating budget of St. Benedict Center. The fund will also be managed to allow for growth of the initial investment in order to offset the future effects of inflation. As an endowment fund, it will provide income for the Center in perpetuity. The annual income from this fund will allow us to minister to those who seek God in the peaceful and prayerful setting of the Center.

+ How can I make a difference?

We ask all of our friends to consider supporting our important ministry and to give to the Fr. Herman Memorial Endowment Fund. Each and every gift will impact the lives of so many faithful for generations to come. Please consider making a one-time donation or a two-year pledge and support the spiritual renewal in our country. Your investment in the faith we share and in our work for the Lord will be gratefully received and managed with careful stewardship. It is also an investment in the future of the Christian faith in Nebraska and beyond.

If you wish to contribute to the Fr. Herman Memorial Endowment Fund or would like additional information, please contact:

Fr. Thomas Leitner, OSB
Saint Benedict Center
Phone: (402) 352-8819
Endowment Inquiry

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Special Projects

We are considering some special ‘enhancement’ projects that would be real improvements for the Center.  The monks are willing to participate in funding.  However, additional funds are needed. These projects include: the replacement of our roof, stable WiFi in conference rooms, hallways and guest rooms, new carpet, and the addition of automatic doors, smart TV's, and queen size beds.

If you can contribute to one of these projects, please email us or call (402) 352-8819. 

Thank you so much!  May God Bless you!