Fr. Adam Patras, O.S.B.

Born:  1965
Professed:  December 6, 1986
Hometown:  Neligh, Nebraska
Monastery Work:  Cellarer

I arrived at the Benedictine Mission House in August 1983. Over the last 36 years there have been a lot of changes. We went from being a Mission House with one ministry serving the missions to a simple priory with multiple ministries.

The road to God is not always straight and has seen me go to the novitiate in Germany, to College, Seminary, and be ordained a priest. I spent 14 years working with mentally ill adults, homeless mentally ill, and with foster kids in the criminal justice system. Here at the Priory I have worked in the kitchen, retreat house, and monastery administration.

I just returned from 4 ½ years of work in our mother house in Germany. There I worked in the guest/retreat house. Especially rewarding was the privilege of working for four years with refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Eretria, Iraq, and Sudan. It was a chance to put into practice hospitality, and Christian love. Most of the men we worked with were not Christian, but it didn’t matter to them, or to us. We practiced the virtue of tolerance, love of neighbor and I come away humbled and richer for the experience.

At present I am once again in the administration of the priory as the Cellarer. St. Benedict says that this monk should be as a father to the community. Since I am the second youngest member, I think I am more a little brother and servant to my older brothers.