Half-Day Retreat Topics

How to Pray at Set Times Each Day and to Pray Always
Both the Bible and the Rule of Benedict teach us to pray at set times and to pray always.  This retreat will offer some practical points on how to do this in our daily life.

Practicing the Presence of God Everyday
How can we deal with the negative thoughts that come from the past or make us fearful and anxious about the future?  To live in the now, in the present moment, is to find inner peace and God. 

Turn off Goggle and Turn on God
How to quiet the noise and busyness of my daily life.  How can we live in the present moment by turning off the electronic noise in our daily life and learning to be “mindful” and to meditate daily?  An introduction to “Centering Prayer.”                                                                              

The Practice of Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World
One of the most difficult things to do in life is to forgive and hopefully to forget what another person or persons have done to us. To forgive is to be free and to find peace and inner joy.  

How Mary and Martha Both Can Teach Us Something Good
Mary gets all the praise from Jesus and Martha gets gently corrected by Jesus, but both Mary and Martha show us to live a wholesome and joyful Christian life in this world.      

What a Friend We Have in Jesus!
This mini-retreat will be about the importance of friendships in general and about the most important friendship of all, Jesus.  The best gift you can give yourself and give to others, is to make Jesus your best friend and the love of your life.  How do we do that?