For me to place God first in my life again and to become unaddicted to pornography.
For me to live a virtuous life much different to the hypocritical life I live.
For me to have the self-discipline/self-control, determination, courage and perseverance to pursue my career goals.
For me to become unselfish and think of others and love others including my family.
For me to forgive other people.

Natalie's Prayer

Please continue to pray for my Mom Sylvia's health- that they find out what is wrong and are able to heal her quickly and that her kidney levels and all levels in her body go back to normal and for no heart failure or lung problems such as emphysema or COPD or any other problems or conditions in her body and that they don't just forget about her or accept misdiagnoses or levels as a "new normal" which is incorrect and feels like they are doing right now as she has always been healthy and there is no need or explanation for this. Please pray for complete and total healing for Mom and a very long, happy and healthy life. Thank you and God bless.


Deep sleep every night 4 myself, immediate and permanent closing of all abortion clinics everywhere, immediate and permanent defunding & extinction of Planned Parenthood in US, immediate collapse of communism in Cuba, China, and North Korea, great health, help, and happiness 4 Frank every day, conversion of my family to the true faith right away, conversion of sinners, deliverance of all holy souls from Purgatory, help and protection 4 Trump, Pence, and all other Republicans in govt. across US, that I read and throw out papers every day, that I get back all the items I lost right away, that my eyes look great every day, that God rids us of all pro-choice politicians every day from now on, that only prolife politicians win elections from now on, protection of Israel and of all children from child abuse and / or neglect and the immediate rescue of all those that are being abused and / or neglected, that all investigations of Trump be dropped right away, that God thwarts all attempts to start doing abortions in Ireland and Argentina, religious freedom in US and abroad, that Roe v. Wade be overturned soon, that Kavanaugh becomes our next Supreme Court justice, protection of all Christians from persecution.

Forn's Prayer

Please pray that God protects me. That I don't lose my job of over 30 years. That I get my pension and gratuity which I deserve. That this unjust court case against me be dismissed. Charges dropped. God knows my heart and He knows that this is unjust. Also pray that those who are after me and wishing the worst for me will leave me alone, that they will not succeed in their evil plans. That whatever is holding this court case back preventing the magistrate from releasing me will be removed and that God will use my story for His glory and honor as He vindicates me and get me out of this situation. This is a plot and fight down from my principal and others trying to end my career and to shame me but I know God will see me through and that I will come out victoriously. That I will not go to jail nor pay for something their plotted but will be reinstated back to my teaching job. I'm on suspension at the moment. This is draining the life out of me. Thanks. Continue to use this medium to pray for others like me. Blessings.

Philip's Prayer

Please help me pray to save my marriage. My wife Leah left 8 months ago and she is limiting communication. And my family business & home are going through a lot of financial turmoil. I ask to cancel any evil affecting me or my family now and forever. I ask God in the name of Jesus Christ to help me and my family with grace and blessings. Amen! Thank you and May God Bless your work and grant your prayers!

Celene's Prayer

Please pray for my Protection and Deliverance from enemies—RESHAINDA, ANNE B, DAWN, KECIA, SUSAN and NATALIE
Lord send the Holy Spirit to guide and protect me as I retire from CHP.
Lord help me during this difficult time—grant me Grace and Peace.
Thank you for my safety, my health, my hopes and dreams

Sharnice's Prayer

Hello, my name is Sharnice Cyprien and I would like prayer to recieve a very great and special miracle in my life I been dreaming of a great miracle of my deepest desires just for me from the crown of my to the soles of my feet; just for me that will work completely in my favor. Thank you.