Diane's Prayer

I was berated by my mother all my life, harassed for 10 years at my old place of employment, and my husband liked someone else which I understood. I sometimes feel the need to be cared about but I know there are others out there who are worse off. I love to help others and sometimes I get so sad that I can't help. Can you pray that the want to be loved goes away, it's VERY strong and gets in the way.

Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus, heal my mother of all cancer and keep her cancer free, also heal her diabetes, ms, bladder infection, kidney troubles, and heal my older sister of her health problems, keep her safe in her upcoming surgery and let her recover well, and even heal her so she doesn't need surgery, heal my middle sister of the vein and circulation problems in her legs, and heal her colon problems, and heal me of my chemical imbalance, cholesterol and blood pressure troubles, diabetes, back and body aches and damage, keep me from all hernias always, heal all people of all illnesses and injuries and these dear people of mine, bring blessing upon all of us and families so we have all we need in God's protection and provision in all the good things of Christ in the Bible, including perfect obedience to God thusly all our lives for heaven, God give days of obedience to you in prosperity and protection for us and our nations and destroy the works of satan that are against us now and always, heal us all of these things and all illnesses,thank you God and take us to heaven in Christ's salvation amen.

Eugene's Prayer

Please pray for my mothers condition.mary jeanne villagracia. The doctors said she had 4cm tumor and the prognosis is that she had cancer but the result of ct scan were not yet arrived we still hope and pray that the result that she had no cancer in her body. And i pray for miracle healing for her. That she will be ok and get her tumor with no complication. I an so depressed now for her condition because we are far away i am here in germany and my mother is in philippines. Help me pray for her. Amen

Melissa's Prayer

Your prayers have been such a blessing. Please pray for me. I have a new music director at my church job. Ever since she started, I can't do anything right even though I have 37 years of experience and 2 music degrees. I never had problems playing with anyone else and I'm trying to be humble. She is belittling, blames me for every other person's mistakes and doesn't give clear directions. It feels like I'm being set up to fail and then have reasons to get rid of me. I feel it's a weight issue since she is very thin and is focused on her appearance and I'm heavy. She said when she started that she gets rid of all the pianists she doesn't hire. My son is supposed to make his Confirmation there and I need the money to eat so I'm not quitting. I want the joy back instead of getting ugly personal emails complaining and for her to respect me. It seems like spiritual warfare attacking my finances so I lose my home and my son to not make his Confirmation.

Gail's Prayer

Please help again and pray that my son is obedient to me. He does well for about a month then back to his irritable self. He will only work his job paying $50/hour if it's to buy expensive wasteful things for himself instead of helping our family. He could have a good job singing but he won't learn the songs for it. He won't let me teach him and practice his singing to improve to get a scholarship for college or his vocal competitions. He is obsessed with his phone, Apple Watch, Legos, video games, JROTC, Boy Scouts, and Civil Air Patrol which none of them help for his career. He won't let me do the medical treatment that makes him feel good or take his medicine regularly. He needs to be healed of all his infections and illness.


Deep sleep 4 myself every night, immediate and permanent closing of all abortion clinics in US, immediate and permanent defunding & extinction of Planned Parenthood in US, that all donations to Planned Parenthood dry up right away, that Planned Parenthood is investigated from today on, end to communism in all communist countries right away, religious freedom in US and abroad, that only prolife politicians win elections from now on, that I find all the items I lost right away, protection of Israel and of all children from child abuse and / or neglect and the immediate rescue of all those that are being abused and / or neglected, that God rids us of all pro-choice politicians every day from now on, that all investigations of Trump be dropped right away, conversion of sinners, deliverance of all holy souls from Purgatory, great health, help, and happiness 4 Frank every day, that Ireland rejects abortion, protection and help for Trump, Pence, and all other Republicans in govt.


Please pray that the atmosphere is too stable for severe weather in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio today through tomorrow. We're at risk for damaging winds, hail, flooding, and even tornadoes. Please also pray for those affected by the tornado in southern Indiana Nov. 6, 2005, especially those who might have PTSD symptoms triggered by today's weather forecast. Thanks and God bless.