Andre's Prayer

Dear brothers in Christ,

Please pray for the elections in Aruba on 22 September 2017. Against a corrupt government.

For a landslide victory of the M.E.P. for the restoration of democracy. For a just new government and a God loving motherly new Prime Minister.

Pray also for spiritual blindness to be removed and removal of brainwashing by the present government and its partners.
For Gods Face to shine like the sun on our island.

Clare's Prayer

Please pray for Chris and Elizabeth, who just had their first baby, but Chris needs a job asap. Pray for them to get along, and for Chris to persevere in looking for a job and for Chris to be careful with his words and freed from depression. He says extreme things like he's never going to get a job and he's going to have a terrible life. This is very hurtful to his wife, who is just recovering from childbirth and needs his support Please ask God to help them both

Neven's Prayer

Please, pray for my mother's deliverance and healing of her body and soul and for baptism in Holy Spirit.
Please, pray for me deliverance and protection, healing, gifts of Holy Spirit, strength, wisdom, courage, light, peace, joy and daily touch of God's love. Pray for my ministry and people I meet and all my intentions.

Jeanne's Prayer

Lord I ask you to pierce D's heart with the truth of your word about the filth/nudity/sexual activity he allows himself to view on TV, Game's of Thrones, etc. and how this pollutes his mind and heart, his home, his wife, his marriage and is a seed of destruction in his marriage, and individually Lord, stop him dead in his tracks! Corner him with this truth! Do not allow him to run from it, justified it or lie that this isn''t the truth. In Jesus Name and through his precious blood and through the authority of me his wife I and we command Satan and all his demons to get their claws off of David now. All spirit's of lust, all lies, all spirit's sent to destroy his marriage, the marital bed, this family, the individuals are commanded to go to the feet of Jesus never to return and we declare the the Holy Spirit would pour over and drop down into his heart these truth's fro the word of God... "But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. And if your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it away. For it is more profitable that one of your members should perish, and not that your whole body to be thrown into hell" For he has already sinned against his own body and his wife's body and his marriage"and "I will set no wicked thing before my eyes. I hate the work of those who turn aside; It shall not have part of me" Lord cover David with this truth and turn his heart and mind away from desiring to watch anything that is destructive to his soul and his wife's soul and his family.Have it make him sick!Come on Holy Spirit! Come on Jesus! Do this now. Your daughter(J) is growing so tired and weary from living like, wanting to stay pure myself and being sabotaged by his TV watching habits, Show him this what he's actually doing to us, that this is polluting our home and marriage! Amen

Renuka's Prayer

Dear Rev.Father,
I am a Catholic mother of 2 sons from Sri Lanka. Since more than 8 years i am suffering with Diabetes, Highblood Pressure, Kidney Protineuria,Obesity, Gastritis and Fatty liver Disease. Every two times in Month i get Fever. I have Checked blood and couldn't identify the sickness i have.
I am struggling Financially allso.I have Debt to clear.Since more than 16 years I am struggling financially lot.

My Husband doesn't care me.He has a Affair with another woman since 12 years. He doesn't give me enough Money to buy food and pay bills.

My Husband has 3 sisters who are unmarried. They are allways trying to break our family. They are doing Witchcraft and Black Magic ageinst me allways. The difficult situation with them is since 20 years. They are trying everything to destroy and divide our Family. Please pray for them allso.Please pray for our family get Blessing. Please pray for reduce poverty in our family. Please pray for a FInancial Blessing. Please pray for my Husbands Sisters allso.Please Father when you can please send me a Blessed Rosary and a Novena Book.I.Please send me a reply. Thank you.God bless you.

Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus, please heal my dear mother of her multiple myeloma, diabetes, ms, bladder infections, sadness over the passing of her husband, and Jo of her colon problem and allergies and thyroid problems, heal my other sister of her throid problems and heal them and I and all of us of all our injuries, illnesses, and our nations too ice, God let us all invest in your will and let us prosper in them and make profits to help us all our lives and retire well, God let us wait on you for all we need for us and our families in God's good will while we work hard and earn a living in the Lord's jobs all our lives until we retire or go to heaven, Christ give us understanding and let us obey God in this understanding and wisdom in all the Bible thank you and give all your provision, fruits of the Holy Spirit, and protection from satan and all evil, God thank you in Christ's name, amen.

Andre's Prayer

Please pray for the elections in Aruba on the 22nd of September 2017, against a corrupt government. For a landslide victory for the M.E.P. for a restoration of democracy and removal of spiritual blindness.

Feel free to forward this please, to other prayerwarriors around the world.

Thank you!

Chris and Christina's Prayer

We pray for peace, mercy, fortitude, and grace. We pray that we receive the miracle we both seek, which opens many doors. We pray for our future together, so that we may dedicate ourselves to the task of uplifting all in need. We pray for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we encounter, strengthening faith where faith is found, nurturing faith where faith is little, and planting the seed of faith in barren fields where none is found. Save us, so together, we can do your work.