Stacee & Jay's Prayer

Please pray for Jay and Stacee. God blessed them in reuniting them then a loss of his job caused him to leave in search of a job. God has brought him back here close to me. Please destroy the negative,doubts,lies,gossip,and fears that keep us from reconnecting and uniting in a fully committed, deep relationship. Draw jay to me and protect us both from others coming in between us.

Cristin's Prayer

My doctor thinks that I have infected lymph nodes, but she is wants me to get a mammogram as a precaution. I have terrible anxiety and I am afraid of the possiblity of cancer. I know that the odds are pretty slim, but I am still scared. Please pray for me. Please ask Jesus to shrink the lumps. Please ask archangel Raphael to intercede on my behalf.

Lisa's Prayer

Please pray for my marriage to an understanding partner. Our family property to get which our relatives are not giving. My work to be perfect and without errors. My boss and colleagues to respect me. My harassment at work to be stopped. My career to grow. My parents health and sister's life to be good. My health to be good. To make me strong and confident and remove all my fears. At my home and work all problem to go. Make us a happy home. Really praying for a miracle. Please accept my prayer. Please pray for my career to grow to a higher place. My traveling to be easy and trains to be on time. My problems at home to go. My colleagues and friends who demoralize me make me strong at that time. You take charge of the whole situation in life.

Sherry's Prayer

Please pray for my cousin by marriage, Molly, who needs to find a place to live for her and her three children. Unfortunately, her husband is an alcoholic and destroyed their credit, so it will be difficult for her to find an affordable place. May God bless her with prosperity. Thank you for your prayer support.

Sherry's Prayer

Please pray for my friend, Brenda, who has suffered from Diabetes since childhood. She is on the donor list for a double organ transplant (Pancreas and Kidney). Her body has been through a lot and we pray that they call her soon. Thank you for your prayer support.

Andrea's Prayer

Pray God will help Silas do well on his ACT test (College Entrance Exam). Pray he improves his score. Pray for help with reading comprehension and time management. Pray for help with focus and concentration. Pray for God to reign peace over him and our extended family. Thank you!

Andrea's Prayer

Please pray for me that God will make the calling very clear that He has for me regarding career, and show me the work that He has uniquely created me to do. Pray that He will give me passion and progress to achieve that calling. (Currently, I am a caregiver for my mom, and in the right timing, pray that God will open a door for additional education and employment.)
Please pray for my sister and me that God will grant us favor, give us wisdom, and help each of us move forward with setting and accomplishing goals. Grant us productivity and efficiency and help us get our work done quickly and accurately. Pray God will remove the hurdles, hindrances, obstacles, and distractions. Help us overcome all procrastination and fear. Thank you!

Javier's Prayer

Good morning. I ask for prayers to get a new job. I feel lost and unproductive. May God give me the grace to know where i could find the work that my heart desire, what talents i have and in what profesion God wants to use them. Lord Jesus, please, show me which stepts to take, where i should apply for these job. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you very much.

Michael's Prayer

Please, I humbly write in favor of what I seek. Please, I'm in need of PRAYERS.

I'm in my Final year of Medical school towards becoming a Medical Doctor.

I need God's intervention for financial funding, Scholarship and/or sponsorship to enable me complete medical school.

I've been struggling so hard, all promised assistance seemed fruitless; incomplete breakthroughs. It's frustrating. I don't know what else to do.

I also pray for Success, breakthroughs and deliverance against all satanic bonds / ancestral ties / links.


In anticipation, as I hope on God's intervention, please kindly accept the assurances of my highest esteem. Thanks.

Kind regards,

Rachana's Prayer

I just wanted to ask you to pray for my cousin, Nitin. He met with a motorbike accident about a week ago and is critical condition. Unfortunately, he's been in a coma for the past week so we are praying that he will open his eyes soon. If you are able to, please do keep Nitin and his family in your prayers. We would be grateful for your prayers for God's healing on Nitin and to continue to bless us with His strength and grace during this time. Thank you so much.