Andrea's Prayer

Please pray for protection and healing for my mom, Edith (alzheimer's and osteopenia and she needs to gain weight). Please pray for healing for my dad, John (diabetes and a sore foot and he needs to lose weight). Please pray for generational healing for our family tree. I live with them as a care giver. Please pray for God to help me and my dad with our chores/work. Thank you.

Steve's Prayer

Dearest Christ, please heal my mother of all her cancer and keep her cancer free, esp now with pain in her right shoulder and arm which may be a reoccurrence of her multiple myeloma after years of remission, please also her of all this possible cancer, her diabetes, bladder infections,ms, any depression, any illness or injury, heal my sister Sherry of her recent surgery and my sister Jo of her circulation problems in her legs and her colon troubles, Christ heal their and my illnesses and injuries know and unknown and all peoples' too, and get all of us unmarried the right mates of Christ and let all of us married men and women stay married all our lives in God's good will, provision, protection, and let us all work hard in God's will in all of God's works for us so we retire well in Christ's jobs for us let it be, and so we provide well for our mates, children, families, the poor and ourselves in God's and successful works of Christ for us all our lives, and let us enjoy all our works of Christ all our lives and through retirement for heaven, us obeying Christ in all this in all the Bible all the way to heaven thank you God as you give us this let it be all this in great faith in Christ we ask,now and always in Christ's name, God amen.

Jeanne's Prayer

In Jesus Name and through His precious Blood Lord send your Holy Spirit to straighten the path of Gerad, pour out repentance, healing, conviction as to how to be a Godly man and Father to Ayden. Bring healing to Ayden's mother, Corrine, Ayden's grandfather, David for all the harm Gerad did to them both and healing to Ayden for his father's abandonment for several years.Lord, help David pass the baton to Tyler, Corrine's husband to take over and for David to let go. Lord place a banner of protection over Ayden, Corrine, and bring reconcilation over these three relationships now. Come and Visit Gerad and bring him to his knees for his past deeds against Corrine, and her family. Come Holy Spirit your servant requests restoration and healing for them all. AMEN

Andrea's Prayer

Pray that my sister, Angela, passes probation for her work license, that the probation time is drastically reduced, that she gets high marks on all her surveys/evaluations, and that the supervision requirement and the survey requirement are both removed as soon as possible. Pray that God will help her grow her business. Pray that God will heal her husband physically and from all past hurt, and protect and heal their marriage. Pray that God will help their children excel with their education. Pray for God's favor for her and her family. Thank you!

Jeanne's Prayer

Heavenly Father, in Jesus' Name thru the intercession of all the Angels, Saints in Heaven & all souls in Purgatory, heal the cancer of hatred & bigotry & racism in our country & throughout the world & bring all of us to Jesus' Sacred Heart. Convert our hearts & will to be the Same as Yours Amen

Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus, please heal my mother of her shoulder pain, multiple myeloma, hip pains, all her pain and suffering, diabetes, ms, and depression, all her illnesses and injuries, weakness, fatigue, confusion, memory troubles, sleep troubles, all her troubles and difficulties and make her whole, in all areas of life, to be healthy, strong, full of the Holy Spirit, restored to the days of her youth, and full of God's wisdom, do the same for my sisters as the older one recovers from surgery so she recovers well always, and so the middle one is healed or her circulation troubles and colon troubles and heal me of my chemical imbalance, cholesterol and high blood pressure problems, diabetes, back and hip troubles, and heal all people of all these things and all their health problems, so we all get the healings we need and so we work very hard in our works of the Lord for good retirements for us in the provision of Christ so we have all we need in the protection and provision of the Christ and save us and take us to heaven with full assurance of all this in Christ and give us all the right mates of Christ all our lives God, in Christ's name, amen.

Chuck's Prayer

Growing ever more increasingly in the clarity,lucidity, depth of both knowl., understanding and awareness that what they have achieved together will never ever ever again be equaled and is in fact dynasty and history, true each person's achievements are great, but together dyna

Mary's Prayer

I'm going to have second knee surgery on January 30th but I need a spiritual healing and prayers for a successful surgery. Please ask St. Benedict to intercede both for my spiritual needs and physical needs. I can't get to church or confession until next Wed. I need perfect contrition and grace to keep me through. Thank you,


Please pray that my mom's meeting with her boss today goes better than expected, and that her salary remains the same or better, and her hours remain the same or are better for our family. Business has slowed and her boss is going to talk to everyone today about "adjustments" to their salaries and my mom is worried. Thanks and God bless.