Andrea's Prayer

Please pray for a hedge of protection for my mom (Edith) from Alzheimer's and Lewy Body disease and from all falls, accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Pray for strength, good balance, equilibrium, and stability. Pray for God to remove the Parkinson's symptoms of the Lewy Body disease. Help us get her to a good doctor of functional medicine. Pray for protection and healing for my dad (John) from diabetes, and healing from his legs and feet. Pray for God to help lose weight. Pray for wisdom, provision, and for God to help us get our work and chores done. Thank you.

Tricia's Prayer

Please pray for me as I consecrate myself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary at tonight's vigil of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. Thank you and God Bless. Please also pray for the repose of the soul of Anthony Villaggio, a stranger to me, and would like to offer this up in reparation for all of my sins since baptism.

Tricia's Prayer

In Thanksgiving for the revival of my father post op and his rapid recovery without pain after aortic valve replacement and other arterial work. For my parents adapting to the disruption of in-home post surgery care with grace. Thank you Father for your response to our prayers. May thy Will be done.

Martin's Prayer

My 4 year old daughter, Philomena, has been complaining about stomach pains for a day. My wife and I have tried a number of things, with no relief. My wife, and her doctor are saying it could be appendicitis. If the pain doesn't go away today we will have to take her in. Im asking for prayers that she gets better, and it not be appendicitis.

Mary conceived without sin, pray for us.
Merciful Heart of Jesus, I trust in you.

Fransiskus Santoso,SVD Prayer

Would you and your community please remember my mother Hanik Wijaya on your daily prayers intention? She is 72 years old and live in Indonesia. My mother has been diagnosed with a triple negative breast cancer which is a very malignant cancer. Last month she did a mastectomy soon after her diagnosis. Her oncologist gave her time period for two month to be back to do 8 chemotherapy treatments and 28 radiotherapy. After that my mother went to see another oncologist and asked about the side effect of chemotherapy. She then made a decision not to do the chemotherapy or radiotherapy. And now she choose to do raw vegan. My father and sisters respect the decision of my mother.
Please pray for my mother that God will give her strength and joy and also that her cancer will not spread in the other organ.

Please also pray for me Fransiskus Santoso, i am seminarian for the Society of Divine Word for the Chicago province USA, now doing my pastoral year in Paraguay, please pray that God give me a joyful heart during this difficult moment so i can continue to serve the God's people in Paraguay. It will be 2,5 more year for me to be ordain as His priest.
I sent you file attachment of the picture of my mom and dad.
Thank you so much for your prayers.
Fransiskus Santoso,SVD

Stephanie's Prayer

Dear God, I need your help for my son. Please help me help him. Please help him to help himself. Please forgive me of my transgressions, as a person, as a mother, as a wife, a friend, sister and a Christian. Please lord save us. Please help my sister’s husband who just passed and help her as I know she will be lost without him. Please help my husband I grow ever closer and happier and kinder to each other than ever before. Thank you for being here to help me. Please lord I pray, let our new baby, my grandchild to be, be born into a healed family with a strong support system and stability. Let Anthony & William forgive and move on and let this grandbaby love the grandpa Will and him love her. Or him. In your holy name Jesus, I pray. Amen


Please urgently pray for my children and for G, that they may follow faithfully God's will and vocation in their lives, for the Holy Spirit to guide and protect them and for G, so their parents treat him how he should be treated, for healing of alcoholism, for protection of spiritual attacks for all of us, and for patience and strength to wait in the Lord. For my husband and his job, for J, her health. Thank you for your prayers.

Jude's Prayer

This is my humble plea as we are helpless,

My name is Pathma Nathan (Jude Nathan)from Malaysia , My wife Kaveta is 33 weeks pregnant.Our baby is
having nil amniotic fluid and both kidneys not functioning since week 13.But other features of the baby is perfect.
Doctors says survival is extremely rare.

Praise Jesus,the baby is such an understanding baby , where by whenever the mother cries,the baby will kick and
roll frequently until she stop crying as if the baby don't want its mother to be sad .

The doctors is not giving any importance as they have classified it as non survival case,which mean they won't assist
when baby is having distress in the womb.Our next appointment is fixed on 26.12.18 as they believe the baby might not
survive till then.

We already lost a pair of twins in 2017 and this baby's survival is very important to us.
We put our trust in Jesus entirely .Kindly help us in praying that Jesus touches our baby and heal the baby completely
in the womb. .We strongly believe your prayers and your congregation prayers during mass will help to strengthen our prayers
and hope.Kindly take a minute to pray for our baby.This is our humble plea.

Ps:1.Dear Admin,please convey our plea to the holy Father and please have a short prayer for us during mass.
We really appreciate your email and thank you for continuously praying for us.