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Effective Family Living: Healing Mother and Father Wounds (Father William J. Jarema, M.S., M.Div., M.A.S.)

Our mother and father did the best with what they had – yet what you needed from them may have been unnourished and neglected. We will explore the significant contributions of our father and mother and the adult life skills they pass onto to us. The father wound can handicap us in our abilities for time and money management, boundaries and co-dependent relationships, addictions especially to food and love. Our mother wound can create the inability for healthy intimacy, the ability to connect and affiliate and most of all to feel at home with our own body self-image and esteem. Begin healing your father and mother wound by writing a loss letter and initiating ritual grieving so as to relieve the pain of loss. We will discuss second chance parents and learn how they can contribute to healing your wounds and teaching you the adult life skills you may have missed the first time around. Experience the power of healing with the Prayer for Reconciliation and the Prayers for Departed Souls. 

(Includes Program Fee, Meals and Taxes)

**If you are exempt from Nebraska state taxes, would like to arrive earlier or depart later, or require special meal arrangements, please contact us. Cancellation Policy: The program fee includes an amount of $25, which is non-refundable, but which can be used for future retreats.

Father William J. Jarema, M.S., M.Div., M.A.S.

Father William J. Jarema, M.S., M.Div., M.A.S.

Father William J. Jarema, M.S., M.Div., M.A.S., provides workshops and retreats nationwide. He is the founder and spiritual director of the Mercy Center for Healing the Whole Person, Colorado Springs, CO, with 12 satellite programs throughout the United States, as well as of the Society of the Missionaries of Mercy. He has authored There’s a Hole in My Chest: Healing and Hope for Adult Children Everywhere (Crossroad), Fathering the Next Generation: Men Mentoring Men (Crossroad), and several other books