A Time of Change


I wish to offer these thoughts for your personal reflection with the invitation to join the monks of Christ the King Priory in prayer of thanksgiving for this year’s harvest, for the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the leaders of the Church and all of God’s people; for peace in our world; for elected officials to govern wisely, respecting the sacredness of life and to work diligently to bring change that will better especially the lives of the underprivileged and needy. These reflections include also news concerning our monastic community.

In this “Season of Change” be assured of our prayers for your intentions. Thanks for your interest in our work wherever we Missionary Benedictines are represented, and for your prayerful and financial support whenever possible.

For the community and staff of the mission office: 
Bro. Tobias, O.S.B. 

“Outlook from present to the unknown and thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth”

Change in the cycle of nature!
Now that the harvest is almost completed, fields and gardens are barren – a time to regenerate before another cycle of plowing and planting and the wait for seeds to germinate and bring forth another bountiful harvest, please God.

We give you thanks, O loving Creator God.

Change in the world!
Nations go through cycles of change – new leaders are elected and assume responsibilities. We pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit that our elected officials will promote peace in our world and reach out to the less fortunate of society so that their daily needs can be met. We pray for social justice, peaceful coexistence of cultures in our own country and worldwide. 

Come and guide us, O Holy Spirit!

Change in our Church! 
Pope Francis, in his efforts to promote Christian Unity does not hesitate to address issues, painful as these may be, but he also affirms that we all are God’s beloved children. We pray for a greater respect among people of all walks of life and religious backgrounds, bringing us – eventually – together as one family.

Unite us in your peace and love, O God.

Change of leadership at Christ the King Priory! 
In late September, Abbot Michael Reepen, O.S.B. announced that Fr. Mauritius Wilde, O.S.B. who has served the local monastic community since July 2011 will move on to Rome, Italy to serve under Abbot Primate Gregory Polan, O.S.B. as Prior for the international community of students and faculty at San Anselmo.

Lord, bless the ministry of Fr. Mauritius.

Change in ministry! 
Fr. Joel Macul, O.S.B., former Abbot of St. Paul’s in Newton, NJ,  and Abbot Delegate for the Congregation of St. Ottilien, accepted     the challenge to move to Nebraska and assume the responsibilities as Prior for Christ the King Priory. Fr. Joel brings with him experience in teaching both here in the States and in Africa, an understanding of ethnic diversity having spent time with communities in Kenya, India, Tanzania and most recently living with our brothers from South Korea who took over St. Paul’s Abbey in Newton.

Lord, keep us faithful to our monastic way of life.

Change of Liturgical Seasons!
With the celebration of the Solemnity of Christ the King the liturgical year winds down and with the First Sunday of Advent we enter the festive season of Advent leading up to the celebration of the mysteries of the Lord’s Nativity.


Let us look forward with joy to the celebration of the Lord’s Birth!

Bro. Tobias Dammert, O.S.B.
Director of Development, Benedictine Mission House