Changes In Leadership


The year 2017 has already brought many changes!

Change can be good but also challenging for individuals, communities, and society at large. Let us pray for wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we deal with challenges in our own life.

The Missionary Benedictine Congregation of St. Ottilien, of which Christ the King Priory – Benedictine Mission House is an integral part, has seen also change.

 In the short five months, death has taken the life of several confreres. We remember them daily in prayer and thank God for their many years of faithfully following the Rule of Saint Benedict.

Changes in Leadership

The Constitutions of our Congregation provide norms by which a major superior can resign from the governance of a community. Upon acceptance by the abbot president a date is set for election.

Abbot Pambo Mkorwe, O.S.B.

Abbot Pambo Mkorwe, O.S.B.


The monastic chapter of Holy Spirit Abbey in Mvimwa, Tanzania, elected Fr. Pambo Mkorwe, O.S.B., as the 3rd abbot in its history following the resignation of Abbot Denis Ndombe, O.S.B. on March 19th. Abbot-Elect Pambo has served as secretary of the Congregation, headquartered at St. Ottilien, Germany, where he was installed as abbot of Mvimwa in a brief ceremony presided over by Abbot President Jeremias Schroeder, O.S.B.  In the near future, Abbot-Elect Pambo will return to his community and the abbatial blessing will take place.

Prior Sylvanus Kessy, O.S.B.

Prior Sylvanus Kessy, O.S.B.





May 7, 2017 was the day when the resignation of Abbot Anastasius Reiser, O.S.B., as abbot of St. Benedict Abbey in Peramiho, Tanzania, became effective. He served the community for almost 11 years. On Saturday, June 3rd, the community elected Fr. Sylvanus Kessy, O.S.B., a monk of Ndanda Abbey, as prior administrator for a term of three years.


With these elections all our monasteries in Africa and Asia are now under indigenous leadership. We wish our confreres God’s choicest blessings as they assume their responsibilities.

Br. Tobias, O.S.B.