Project update: Seoul, South Korea

Renovation of Monastery Wing to Assisted Living for elderly Sisters and addition to Benedict Nursing Home getting closer to completion.

Sr. Michele Lee, OSB on behalf of Sr. Rosa Marie, Prioress, and Sr. M. David, Business Office, and all the Sisters of the Priory extend their thanks to the friends of the Benedictine Mission House in Schuyler for the generous support of the project. As the pictures document, finishing touches on the outside of the new addition and monastery are in progress while the inside still needs work with covering pipes, flooring, and walls. Interesting: design of floor heating elements. The Sisters hope to complete the project later this year.

Our office transferred a total of $200,000 towards the project thanks to the generosity of so many friends. The Sisters are grateful that a major part of the renovation cost is covered with gifts coming through the Mission House. Additional funding was provided from financial resources the sisters had invested for this purpose, and from friends and benefactors of the Seoul Priory in South Korea. As more funds become available in months ahead, we certainly will not forget the needs of our Sisters in Korea.

Br. Tobias OSB