Stephanie's Prayer

Dear Lord, Please I bow in prayer before you today asking for intercession and the deliverance of a miraculous solution for my son Anthony. Please let court on Thursday 10/20/2016 work to your favor for your plans for him. Lord we are here at the last minute with our heads bowed in incessant prayers for your miraculous intervention to save his life, his character, his mind, his body, his spirit and his relationships. Lord reach deep into his soul and arouse the Holy Spirit to act on his behalf. Provide him the determinations and the passion to find success and rise out of these ruins. Lord I pray for the interjections of your influence into every, thought, word, and decision to be made by anyone and everyone who has a stake in the future of my Son. Lord I know you made him for something amazing, please open the door we most need right now to save him. Lord I implore your forgiveness and your action in this very difficult time. In Jesus name I thankfully pray amen.