Deep sleep every night from now on 4 myself, immediate closing of all abortion clinics everywhere, immediate defunding & extinction of Planned Parenthood, immediate fall of communism in all communist countries, that God rids us of all pro-choice politicians every day from now on, that Trump becomes our next President ( he's pro-life, Clinton isn't ), that I find the medal and earrings I lost right away, great health, help, and happiness 4 Frank every day, that I do a lot around my apt. every day from now on, immediate conversion of the Ramirez family to the true faith, protection of Israel and of all children from child abuse and / or neglect and the immediate rescue of all those that are being abused and / or neglected, that I throw out papers every day from now on, that no prochoice politicians win any elections from now on, that Obama won't give away control of the Internet, 4 special intentions.