Tynyta's Prayer

really need prayer please. I am very broken and very hurt and just need help and God. my mother always used to verbally abuse me as well as mentally abuse me as a child and for some reason always targeted me. it affected my mind and I'm an adult still living at home and trying to get on my feet. I'm in my late 20s. I realise still until this day she for some reason has something against me. I can't make this up. Its gotten to a point where my little brother feels its okay to bully me and tag along and my father can't own up to get behavior and not only lets it happen, but uses me as a scapegoat and excuse to cover up the issues in the family. I'm so tired of it, I'm broken and hurt. I get anxiety and don't really sleep. I'm broken and need prayer that I get free from this. I need to be free from this. I need prayer for a job and to move out please pray for me. I don't have a car or job and oeay I get help to get to interviews, and a money miracle. I'm dealing with alot. its mind games and I'm tired of dealing with it