Isabel's Prayer

Deep sleep every night for myself, immediate closing of all abortion clinics everywhere, immediate refunding and extinction of Planned Parenthood, immediate fall of communism in all communist countries, that Trump becomes our next President (he's pro-life, Clinton isn't), that God does us of all proabortion politicians every day from now on, great help, health, and happiness for Frank every day, conversion of the Ramirez family to the true faith, that I find the medal I lost right away, that EVERYBODY votes for Trump this November, religious freedom in USA, protection of Israel and of all children from child abuse and/or neglect and the immediate rescue of all those being abused and/or neglected, protection of everyone and everything pro-life in this country, four special intentions, collapse of Obamacare, conversion of all those that vote for proabortion politicians to only voting for pro-life ones from now on.