Stephanie's Prayer

MY BIRTHDAY PRAYER: Dear Lord, Thank you for my blessings here on my birthday. Please I pray for you to bless all of my relationships. Please usher in love, peace forgiveness, understanding, strength & love. Lord Please help Anthony & William forgive each other & bond to one another, closer than ever before. Please help Will & I become closer in every single way two people who want to marry should be. Please have Sierra move out & become her own person & an adult she is too old to live at home. Please let my birthday today be blessed & allow me to see the true love & effort that Will has for me. I pray for blessings to surround the four of us, William, Stephanie, Anthony & Sierra through this year and through to my next birthday. I pray for miraculous solutions, abundant success, overwhelming love, peace, forgiveness & strength. Lord make us financially secure, let me get this promotion, let love guide & bless us through all of our days. In Jesus name I pray Amen.