Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus, please heal my dear mother of all her cancer and keep her cancer free and all illnesses and injuries, and get her through chemo ever stronger and healthier. Let her obey all you laws and commands, Jesus for her blessing, happiness, protection, provision all she needs in all the good things of the Bible in Christ. Christ keep her holy, righteous, upright, godly, like you in all things all the way to heaven in your prosperity. Jesus let my mother be completely dedicated to you all her eternal life for heaven. Jesus let nothing evil happen to her that causes her pain and suffering, let her have none of these in her abundant eternal life in Christ let it be Jesus. Jesus let her be in your service forever for heaven to bring her great joy and treasure in heaven in purity and holiness as one of your people to be in Christ's salvation forever. Jesus do this for all our mothers and fathers, our families, friends, coworkers,enemies, all people and all nation, thank you God for this and for the healings we need in Christ's name, amen.