Isabel's Prayer

Deep sleep every night from now on 4 myself, immediate closing of all abortion clinics everywhere, immediate defunding & extinction of Planned Parenthood, immediate fall of communism in all communist countries, that God rids us of all pro-choice politicians every day from now on, that Trump becomes our next President ( he's pro-life, Clinton isn't ), that I find the medal and earrings right away, great health, help, and happiness 4 Frank every day from now on, that I do a lot around my apt. every day, conversion of the Ramirez family to the true faith right away, protection of Israel and of all children from child abuse and / or neglect and the immediate rescue of all those that are being abused and / or neglected, that I throw out papers every day from now on, that no prochoice politicians wins any elections from now on, that Obama won't give away control of the Internet, conversion of all those that vote 4 pro-choice politicians 2 only voting 4 pro-life ones from now on.