Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus heal my mother's cancer and keep her cancer free, please also heal her diabetes, ms, effects of chemo, bladder infections, all her injuries and illness, and mine too and all peoples and nations, do this for my sisters and their families and give us all right mates of Christ,and heal our friend of her back troubles and let her back surgery and recovery go well so she can go back to work in good shape and retire well, let us all retire well, let us all obey the law of the land in Christ and esp. all the laws of God in Christ for our happiness and for the protection and prosperity of God for all of us, us obeying all the Bible in Christ for our good without any rebellion against God all the way to heaven without compromise unto our deaths for heaven, let us die for Christ someday and go to heaven to be with him and our loved ones in paradise forever in Christ's salvation, thank you God in Christ's name and let us fear and obey only God in all this, amen.