Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus, let my dear mother and sisters, all of us, our future mates of Christ, let us all do the good works of Christ only all eternal lives let it be for heaven, heal my mother's illness, cancer, all effects, of chemo, ms, diabetes, any depression, all her injuries and illnesses known and unknown and heal us all of all this too, God let us live in a good and prosperous land all over the world, Christ meeting our needs and the needs of all nations and peoples always, God let us never rebel against God his command so we obey every word of God in all the Bible continually perfectly for great reward on earth and great treasure forever in heaven, all this with Christ's protection, provision, prosperity for us all and families all the way to heaven, Christ save us all as many as call on you for salvation in true faith in Christ thank you God in Christ's name, amen.