Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus give all this to my dear mother in all she needs, please Christ, make haste to her and heal her of her cancer, diabetes, ms, bladder infection, depression, chemo and keep her cancer free, prosperous and protected for all she needs all her life for heaven and give her assurance she is going to heaven since she is a Christian always, Christ let her worship you all this life and forever in heaven in perfect obedience to you Jesus, God let her find grace in thy sight to help her so she does God's will and all the way to paradise, walk her God and let her feel your protecting and providing presence and love in all your good things, forgive for any sin and give eternal victory over any sin, God protect her from satan and keep her safe so she obey God, Jesus with great joy and love for God in all the good things of the Holy Spirit, God let her be your inheritance and give your inheritance as your daughter, God make eternal covenants with her for all she needs in the protection and provision of God and for her Christlike, perfect, eternal obedience to God Christ give this to all of us and her parents, family, friends, coworkers, enemies all people and nations, and heal Christ, mother and make her whole and all of us too with all this thusly God in Christ's name, amen.