Melissa's Prayer

Your prayers have been such a blessing. Please pray for me. I have a new music director at my church job. Ever since she started, I can't do anything right even though I have 37 years of experience and 2 music degrees. I never had problems playing with anyone else and I'm trying to be humble. She is belittling, blames me for every other person's mistakes and doesn't give clear directions. It feels like I'm being set up to fail and then have reasons to get rid of me. I feel it's a weight issue since she is very thin and is focused on her appearance and I'm heavy. She said when she started that she gets rid of all the pianists she doesn't hire. My son is supposed to make his Confirmation there and I need the money to eat so I'm not quitting. I want the joy back instead of getting ugly personal emails complaining and for her to respect me. It seems like spiritual warfare attacking my finances so I lose my home and my son to not make his Confirmation.