Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus, give us this in great faith in God in Christ, please heal my mother of all her multiple myeloma, all her cancer, bladder infection, diabetes, ms, all illnesses and injuries, God let her obey all your statutes and commandments and let her know and obey all your teachings and remember all of your word to obey it always, Christ destroy all the evil works of satan against her, Christ let her cleave unto you forever all the way to heaven, Christ let her keep and do all your words in wisdom and understanding in the sight of the nations, God when she calls upon you grant all her request and her pray God's will without ceasing for herself, and others and things in God's will, Jesus let her take heed to herself and let her keep her soul diligently, God let her remember all the good things of Christ in her life and the promises of God for these in her life eternally God heal all her cancer and keep her cancer free in greath faith in Jesus, thank you God in Christ's name, amen.