Joshua's Prayer

That through the intercession of the virgin mary, st. joseph and all of the celestial court may Jesus Christ and God the Father have mercy on me a sinner Joshua Aaron Taylor. I humbly ask for guidance of the Holy Spirit in search of my new job or career that God wants me to have and to give glory to his name. I ask that if it is your will, that I may have job where i am utilizing my gifts and helping others, a balanced work -life schedule to support my future wife and family. Also, That i may be prosperous to help others and earn at least 80,000 a year. I ask God to bless abdunantly, those who made the decision to lay me off. Specifically Lauren Champagne and Paul Friloux, that they may feel Gods tender love and compassion. Please send me the people and spiritual graces to help me in discerning whether or not to do my real estate coursework and make a huge leap in to the wilderness to become a commercial real estate investor . God please send me the strength to continue this job search, knowing that your timing is perfect and your plans are always greater, giving thanks and praise to you in all things, your servant Joshua.