Toni's Prayer

I have a couple of prayer requests. Can please share with your prayer team please. Can you please pray That Tom Komis would realize that he loves me deeply and can and does not want to live without me.
God restores our relationship.
Thing is very important to me. I lost everything the less 5 years.
That he will get his ex wife completely out of his life. She has turned his heart around She is not a Christian and she won’t let him go.
He needs see get her out his life She has caused me so much trouble and now she has gotten into his head. This is not a god thing and I can do anything but ask for prayer.
Can you please really pray hard that Tom says he is sorry for the way he has treated me over his ex wife and comes back.
Also he would call me up and ask me too marry him again and really follow thru.
I love him deeply but I cannot change him only God can.
She will pull him away from God. I know he won’t attend church. We did and are saved but the devil used this woman too hurt me and pull Tom away from me and God.
I also need a good paying job in my field I am It tech (computers because I have been very sick I would be happy with a part time job.)