Dawn's Prayer

Thank you so much for all your prayers. I see how effective they have been and continue to be. I pray for you, too.
Please pray and or continue to pray for spiritual health and wellbeing for all below in addition to the special intentions indicated.

For me, my mom (Sandra) and my 4 siblings grieving the loss of my dad.

Bella: Mental and physical health, strength, school, attitude and relationships.

Matt and Jeni: Parenting their young son and their relationship

Leighton (4) to adjust socially in school and protection from unhealthy situations

Bella, Ben & Aidan: School

Aidan: Mental health relationships and responsibility

Spenser: Mental health, relationships and parenting his young son

Peggy: Mental and physical health

Mary & Charley: Grief over tragic loss of son (45).

Sean: Parkinson's at 38

Tristan: Parenting his young children

Paul: His business enterprise to have a boost in customers and sales

Chad: (30) Not living his life right.

Melissa and her husband: legal help with their new business

Keith: alcoholism

Keith and Wendy: marriage

Debra: (67) loss of employment and needs to subsidize her retirement income.

David: Pancreas disease

Lori: Lymphoma

Theresa: Just had a double mastectomy

And for me, Dawn to have a financial resolution to some issues, career and relationship direction, help with a challenging responsibility and my health

For Ling, Lori, Tim, Matt and his family, Sharon, Nikki and her family, Lori and her family, Greg, Gregg, Bonny and Emily