CP's Prayer

I ask God to work through me and through my body and thank Him for this complete healing and rejuvenation now! I Ask and thank God for the grace and blessings in my body and my life now. I also ask for forgiveness if I inflicted pain and suffering onto others unconsciously. I ask for forgiveness from God and from those harmed. I ask that I forgive myself. Help me forgive those who hurt me. Thank you!
thank you for the assistance and support from God and the heavenly angels to move beyond limitations -to health and happiness now, to true and lasting love and a good husband or life partner now, especially MP. Thank you for helping me understand the lessons of my imperfect health so that I am free from it, have perfect health in every way and can shine bright to help others. Thank you for Huge success and financial abundance from my art and writing and other sources now. Thank you for the vitality and energy and wellness to shine so bright I help others n make the world a better place. Amen