Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus, let everything happen to my dear mother as you choose, all good thing to help and her as she struggles with multiple myeloma and chemo, with diabetes, bladder infections, all her illnesses and injuries, do this for all of us and all our illnesses and injuries, heal Lori and get her through surgery safely, heal her back and make it and her and all of whole, God let your blessing be born in our lives for your riches for us for all we need, esp. dear mother, God plant mom in your good fruit bearing soil for great treasure in earth and someday for heaven, Christ destroy all the evil works of satan against and all the strongholds of evil against her, Christ tear down all the pits, plots, plans of satan that are against her, Christ destroy all these things forever, God find mother always in the middle of your good will for her all the way to heaven, God let my mother lose all evil that would plague her and let this evil never rise to hurt her, it being destroyed forever for all of us too to hurt noone, Christ give mother peace, love, faith, hope all the good fruits and things of the Holy Spirit forever in all the Bible, thank you for all this God in Christ's name for all of us in our homes, work marriage all things to only be in the Lord, us working hard and earning a living in Christ all our lives and good retirements, all this in ice Christlike faith in God in all the Bible, amen.