Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus, please heal my mother of all cancer, diabetes, ms, chemo, so she is healthy and strong in the Lord, heal my sister Jo, heal her colon and all of both of these women's health problems and injuries, and all of us too, prosper them and protect and give them the best medical care of Christ, let them always the right diagnosis and treatment and let them and my sister and all of us work well, successfuly in the Lord's works until we retire well and give us all the right mates of Christ. God let us all obey you for great reward from you on earth and heaven, and let us always enjoy each other and ourselves in God's will, and God, protect us from satan and all evil and keep us Christ, safe and obedient to you always in Christ's salvation for us all the way to heaven with full assurance for us of this and all of Christ's good things for us from the Bible for all we need, God, thank you, and let my sister Jo work well without suffering and support her all her life, and let us in her family be her friends for life and give us all good friends for life in our family and anyone else in God's will in Christ's name amen.