Renuka's Prayer

Dear Rev.Father,
I am a Catholic Mother of 2 sons.Since more than 7 years i am suffering with lot of sicknisses in my Body.I am suffering with Diabetes, Highblood Pressure, Asthma, Kidney Protineuria,Fatty Liver Disease and Obesity.
Every Month i am going to Clinic for Treatment.Every day i am taking Medicine. Since 1 week i have slightly fever. The Doctors can't identify my sickness. All Blood Reports are normal.
I have lot of financial difficulties allso.Since 18 years i am struggling with lack of Money.please pray to reduce Poverty in our Family.
Please Father pray for me to get Healing and i will be Healthy.
Please pray for a Financial Blessing. Please pray for our Family to get Blessings.Our family get Success in Businesses.
Please send me a reply. Thank you. God bless you.