Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus, please heal my dear mother of her multiple myeloma, diabetes, ms, bladder infections, sadness over the passing of her husband, and Jo of her colon problem and allergies and thyroid problems, heal my other sister of her throid problems and heal them and I and all of us of all our injuries, illnesses, and our nations too ice, God let us all invest in your will and let us prosper in them and make profits to help us all our lives and retire well, God let us wait on you for all we need for us and our families in God's good will while we work hard and earn a living in the Lord's jobs all our lives until we retire or go to heaven, Christ give us understanding and let us obey God in this understanding and wisdom in all the Bible thank you and give all your provision, fruits of the Holy Spirit, and protection from satan and all evil, God thank you in Christ's name, amen.