Stephen's Prayer

Dearest Jesus, please my mother of he kidney problems, bladder problems, multiple myeloma, chemo, all cancer, diabetes and complications of diabetes, complications of diabetes, ms, any depression, fatigue, weakness,memory and balance troubles, back pain, pains in her body, all her injuries and illnesses known and unknown and give her the sound mind of Christ of the Holy Spirit always and save her and give her assurance of her salvation from all evil, satan, sin and hell and give her full assurance of heaven, and heal my sister of her colon troubles, varicose vein and all her vein troubles, allergies, sinus troubles, and heal all her injuries and illnesses known and unknown, heal oldest sister of the same, and Christ heal my chemical imbalance, blood pressure and cholestoral problems, depression, body aches, two hernias, diabetes, obesity, let us all lose weight and get down to the right weight all our lives, heal these things for all people and nations, heal our families, friends, coworkers, enemies all peoples of all these things now and forever, and Christ let us obey you forever in all the Bible in God's will in greatest love and then all people, and give us all the right mates of Christ to marry them all our lives i obedience to Christ or be celibate in obeying Christ whatever is God's will in holiness unto the Lord God than you God in Christ's name.