Forn's Prayer

Please pray that God protects me. That I don't lose my job of over 30 years. That I get my pension and gratuity which I deserve. That this unjust court case against me be dismissed. Charges dropped. God knows my heart and He knows that this is unjust. Also pray that those who are after me and wishing the worst for me will leave me alone, that they will not succeed in their evil plans. That whatever is holding this court case back preventing the magistrate from releasing me will be removed and that God will use my story for His glory and honor as He vindicates me and get me out of this situation. This is a plot and fight down from my principal and others trying to end my career and to shame me but I know God will see me through and that I will come out victoriously. That I will not go to jail nor pay for something their plotted but will be reinstated back to my teaching job. I'm on suspension at the moment. This is draining the life out of me. Thanks. Continue to use this medium to pray for others like me. Blessings.