Maria's Prayer

Thank you for all your prayers. Please pray for me as I'm going through a lot of mental and emotional stress and depression in this stage of my life when I'm pregnant. I informed my mother regarding my pregnancy a few weeks ago and in frustration she said if my father heard the news he would get another stroke, seizure which hurt me and my husband was very angry and we had an argument. My husband caught me by the hair and was about to punch me and forced me to give my mother's number and spoke to her angrily. I did not want that.

My husband always wants to stand for truth and cant tolerate lies and false stories. My husband becomes very angry when my parents speak against me and him to people even strangers. There are people telling him all about what my father speaks in a drunken state and also what my mother speaks. My husband gets worked up with all this.  Even after 1 year of marraige my parents are not ready to accept my husband.

My parents say that I have brought shame and distress to the family and because of me my father got stroke in Nov 2016. Since the time my mother had spoken to me last till now I've not spoken to my mother as husband says that I'm getting emotionally disturbed by this. My sister also indirectly blamed me for everything when my husband went and spoke to her. My sister keeps in touch with me but my husband does not want me to respond to her messages. This is emotionally hurting. My mother sent messages to me but I did not respond as husband told me not to respond or talk to her. My husband says they are only blaming me and I will keep forgiving. They should move forward and accept that I'm happy in my marraige. They are sitting with 1 year old stories some of it are not even true.

My father recently diagnosed with non malignant Tumour and my mother has vertigo. I'm helpless to see to them or take care of them because they are accusing me of everything. My father is drinking and being influenced by wrong friends with false stories that my husband is confiding me to a room and beating me which is not true. My father is spoiling mine and husband's name everywhere. My father is not admitting his mistakes but blaming others always. My mother is having a very difficult time at home with my father's behaviour. My mother has vertigo.

I'm going through deep emotional stress and depression and I'm in the 4th month of pregnancy. My husband says I need peace of mind at this stage and for the time being keep distance from everyone. I keep thinking of my mom and feel like wanting to talk to her. I don't know whether it's right or wrong.

Please please pray for me and my husband and my parents. I and my parents need deliverance prayers. My father has no God in his life and does not want retreats or counselling as he does not trust.

My prayer life is going down. My faith and hope in god is wavering.