Mark's Prayer

There is a lot of strife between my mother and I. I am 28. We love each other very much and have always been very close, being that I am an only child and fled my abusive father (he abused her, not me) 20 years ago. We are moving to another city and in need of prayers. Please pray that we may mend our relationship, that God may give me the strength to bite my tongue and be meek. Also, please pray that God will help me overcome what I believe to be demonic vexation in my life. I've always been a sensitive/anxious person and used to struggle with porn/masturbation addiction. I have developed phobia/OCD regarding seeing a certain unpleasant number on license plates, vin numbers, phone numbers, etc. I hate the feeling of impending doom/ being tempted to despair. Pray that God may still want a relationship with me, because I so deeply want one with Him more than anything. Scrupulosity is hard to live with. Thank you. Sorry for the long paragraph.