Creative Talents - Brother Sebastian Goldade


The talents of the monks of Christ the King Priory are as diverse as the monks themselves.  One of those talented monks is Brother Sebastian Goldade.  He became a monk in 1960 and was part of the Benedictine community of Blue Cloud Abbey in Marvin, South Dakota.  There he learned and perfected his skills of making vestments and alter cloths.  He also learned the art of weaving.  In the late 70’s he began weaving an alter cloth for the abbey church.  He chose the colors blue and green – blue for the Advent season and green as a sign of growth and life.  The weave pattern is a Maltese Cross that alternates from blue to green and repeats. 


Brother Sebastian created a wall hanging that is now in the chapel of Christ the King Priory.  This was made from a remnant of the original altar cloth that he wove so many years ago. 

“I found it exciting to see strings turning into cloth and to see the pattern develop before your eyes.  It took me about 2 years to weave the altar cloth.”  Brother Sebastian completed the weaving in his spare time while continuing his ministry of making hand-sewn vestments and altar linens. 

He continues his work here at the monastery in Schuyler.  Hundreds of stoles, albs, chasubles, dalmatics and copes have been created at the artistic hand of Brother Sebastian.