In Memoriam - Br. Felix Meckel, OSB

Br. Felix Meckel, O.S.B.      * May 19th, 1900    +January 27, 1980

It was on a snowy Saturday when Br. Felix suffered a stroke and was admitted to the local hospital. The following evening, Sunday, January 27th, he gave his life back to the Creator.

Bro Felix.jpg

Br. Felix came to the Schuyler in 1935 as one of the founding members of the Benedictine Mission House.  His trademark, as many friends confirmed, was his gentleness and great smile. He is remembered as one of “Christ’s beggars” on behalf of the Missionary Benedictines. Countless contacts developed into friendships and supporters of our worldwide mission. Br. Felix relied on public transportation and the service of countless volunteers who took him around the region in whichever State he traveled at the time to connect with donors. He certainly personified that “fund raising” results in “friend raising.”

Even 38 years later, friends still remember Br. Felix who visited their homes when they were children. He left a lasting legacy.


God grant his servant eternal rest and peace! We in turn have a great intercessor in heaven.

Published January 27, 2018

Br. Tobias, OSB