In The Spotlight - Fr. Anastasius Reiser, OSB

We have been blessed to have Fr. Anastasius as a guest here at Christ the King Priory for the past several months.  One of his passions is cooking and baking.  The monks and many of the employees have been the happy recipients of his handiwork.  He prepared many authentic cookies and treats during the holiday season – most of which he learned from his mother.  Enjoy the slide show!

Below is a little bit of history about Fr. Anastasius and what his plans are when he leaves later this month.  He will truly be missed by all of us here. 

Father Anastasius Reiser OSB


Abbot of Peramiho from 2006 – 2017
Missionary in Peramiho from 2002

Before going to Peramiho I have been

-  the Headmaster of our Trade School with Boarding School in Münsterschwarzach,

-  in charge of our public relations work in internet and publications for the mission

- vocation director

- Junior Master (education for Monks with temporary vows)

- working in youth pastoral of Münsterschwarzach Abbey

- Cantor of Münsterschwarzach Abbey

- Teacher for Gregorian Chant; every year I gave several courses in our guest houses

- giving retreats and spiritual direction

In Peramiho:  One of my first tasks was to transition the community of Peramiho from a European dominated monastery to an African community.

When I came to Peramiho we still had 35 Missionaries from Europe.   After 11 years there are only 10 Missionaries left; all now older than 80 years.

Education of the young Tanzanian confreres in Peramiho was very important. We trained them in various fields: Pastoral education in our Seminary (Priest education), Agriculture, Administration, workshops, carpentry, car mechanic, electrical workshop etc.

The young Tanzanian confreres have to take over the responsibilities from the former European monks.  Up to now all workshops and institutions are under the supervision of Tanzanian Monks or employees.

As Abbot I had to supervise our Monastery with 70 Monks, the workshops with 400 employees, all together more the 35 institutions on the campus of the Abbey.

Very important is our Peramiho St. Joseph Mission Hospital. A hospital with 400 beds. We provide service to different sections: in general medicine, children, surgery, gynecology, dental, eyes, heart. The hospital is one of the best working hospitals in Tansania.

The priests of Peramiho Abbey are working in the parish with 15 outstations and more than 40.000 parishioners.

For the people in the region of Peramiho the Monks provide development aid in water supply, electricity, building schools and kindergartens, orphans care, HIV-care, paying school fees to needy persons, helping elder and sick people who can't help themselves, via our Caritas system.

My future will be at our Motherhouse in St. Ottilien Archabbey in Germany.  From March 2018 on, I will be the Mission Procurator of our Congregation (Missionary Benedictines of St. Ottilien).  My duties will be spread all over the world. I will supervise our mission work in various countries in Africa, like Tanzania, Uganda, Kenia, Zambia, Mozambique, Togo, South Africa and Egypt.

Or in Asia, like India, Philippines, China, South Korea.  Also in South America, like Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba.

The mission work is mostly Development Assistance and pastoral care for the local communities.


God Bless you, Fr. Anastasius, in all that you do!