Allan's Prayer

Dear Brethren in Christ,
Please pray for the Intentions, Protection, and needs of our Holy Father Pope Francis, and Pope Benedict. I ask also for prayerful remembrance of the Holy Souls in Purgatory who have exited this life, that the holy Souls and all Saints may intercede for these Intentions for the healing of USA and the World, for all of History and the Future.

Please remember the Intentions of the online Purgatory Project, all of the Souls and prayer requests contained within, for Wikipedia, it's content, especially it's lists of people of which there are many, and contributors. all of the religious listed in Gigacatholic online and the Souls in all Ancestry and Genealogical databases and physical lists everywhere. Pray also for the urgent needs of all refugees and persecuted in the World, those who are subject to increasing unjust terrorisms and discriminations.
Also for the sick, aged, Poor, all Orphans and missing children.
Thank you for Hearing my pleas.
All Glory and Honour, Thanks and Praise, be to Our God in Heaven and our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Ever Victorious is he over the power of Death Itself because of His Love for us. Glory and praise ever be to God, in whose hands are the most needy and vulnerable Souls of our World
May God bless you all and give you peace in all of your days.