Radu's Prayer

Please forgive our sins, please keep uf safe and healthy, away from any destruction or punishments self imposed or imposed by others, please help lead and live our lives in peace , love, harmony, health and with Jesus, for peace in our families, forgiveness, compassion, so that we can be real children of God, please keep us united with strong bonds, away from evil, any evil. Please give a childish spirit so that we can always praise you in everything that we do, and be at peace away from any prophecies, and when this life is over to be forever with you. Don't let the enemy or anybody destroy us, or work on us, apart from You. Please renew our hearts and love and souls every day, and take care of us as Your Holy children, in compassion, and fatherly Love.Please do Your miracles every day in our lives, and please take care also of our friends and loved ones.please fill us with Your peace and Love.Lease re-assure us of Your salvation, and promises. Please help us Lord. Please help us rebuild our lives according to You, and live in Your safety. IN Jesus's name .Amen